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(Important(Important note regarding the mind set from which this series
is written and from how it is intended to be read)


Part 4

Consciousness And World Views

In the previous article, we discussed the distinguishing characteristics of open and closed consciousness. A relevant question for us at this point is this: If the intention of Infinite Mind (that referred to as God) is expanding consciousness, creating ever more variety of experience, why is closed consciousness so dominating within the world?

Let's try to answer that question as compactly as possible. We need to understand the physical world as a realm where individual consciousnesses can evolve toward enlightenment. Think of it as a school that presents lessons and challenges. As we deal with the challenges of physicality, we eventually learn that love is the answer, because the journey is one toward realization of Oneness and Unity. Considering the spectrum of consciousness that we described in earlier parts of this series, the "lower" levels within the spectrum are characterized by fear, the "higher" levels, by love. The response to fear is closed consciousness. The opening of consciousness is movement toward love. As we have already seen, individual consciousnesses are at different points within the spectrum.

We cannot answer the question of why closed consciousness is so dominating without discussing the concept of the ego. The two, closed consciousness and the ego are integrally related. So a quick review. The idea is that when an individualized consciousness (or spirit) takes on physical form by incarnating into this physical realm, it immediately begins to develop a persona of the world fashioned by its particular environment. That is to say that the individual absorbs and takes on the consciousness of its environment.

The thing is that the mass consciousness (i.e., the average consciousness) of the planet is focused in fear and in convictions of limitation. We refer to this persona (with its convictions of limitation) that the individual takes on, as ego. And the reason that mass consciousness is so focused in fear and limitation is because it is dominated by ego consciousness. Elsewhere on this site I have described ego as a body of false belief that seems to have taken on a life of its own - false because all beliefs and convictions that are born of fear, are false. What do we mean by "false"? We mean that they are not consistent with Higher Truth, the transcendent Truth of Spirit, Infinite, Eternal, Ultimate Truth. Thus we sometimes hear the ego also referred to as the false self. That of course infers a True Self. The struggles and challenges we experience are born of the fact that in this 3-D format of physicality we have lost awareness of our eternal True Self, and, in turn, identify almost totally with the false self, our ego self.

It is important to understand that this taking on of an ego persona is just part of the scheme of the Universe. So, it is not to be anguished over; but at the same time, it is also part of the scheme that the entity is supposed to seek the light of the True Self, and be willing to release the identity with the false self and re-identify with True Self. Until we awaken to this purpose, we have difficulty seeing through the veil of ego, and accordingly, all of our perceptions are the limited and fear-ridden ones of ego.

So now we have a correlation between ego and closed consciousness. (And correspondingly, the opening of consciousness is characterized by the releasing of ego obsessions.) Since the ego is fear based, it is very threatened by ambiguity and by ideas that are inconsistent with its own. Thus it prefers agreement and certainty about life. It is very selfish in these pursuits because it feels so vulnerable when it is not in control.

In terms of world views, ego fixation leads individuals to prefer traditions and institutions that promote consistency. It inclines them to prefer the comfort of groups that are bonded in like-mindedness. Dogma is sought; ambiguity vigorously rejected. This mindset is distinctive of closed consciousness. So it is not surprising that individuals who are in full identity with ego would embrace world views that are characterized by tradition, predictability and rigid doctrinaire beliefs. They would gravitate to religion and identity sets that are characteristic of themselves. Examples would be gender identity, racial identity, national identity, regional identity, political identity, social issues identity, moral values identity and more.

To avoid a common mistake that occurs from our habit of distinguishing people by position within a political spectrum -- i.e., left or right -- we should realize that either end of that spectrum is as fixed in certainty and adamancy as the other. Thus it would be somewhat more accurate to think in terms of proximity to the radical ends of that spectrum - the closer to either of the ends, the more intense the fixation in ego.


Metaphysical Spirituality

Here I wish to introduce a world view (if that word even fits in this case) that is more reflective of open consciousness.

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