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(Important(Important note regarding the mind set from which this series is written and from how it is intended to be read)

Part 3

Distinguishing Between Open
And Closed Consciousness

We are making the case for open consciousness, the reason being that the opening of consciousness is essential for the future of, indeed, the survival of the planet. In addition to that, open consciousness is the only way to peace, cooperation and tranquility of life on earth. Closed consciousness leads to conflict, greed, inflexible adamancy of one's beliefs, the propensity to dominate and enforce control over others, and of course is the ultimate cause of war and destruction.

Being that the degree of the openness of the mass consciousness of the planet equals the average of individual consciousnesses, and being that our purpose as individual consciousnesses is to contribute to the expansion of consciousness, and being that management of consciousness is the purview of the individual, then the responsibility for the state of the planetary consciousness falls upon individuals. So, if we are wanting to be conscientious, and wish to take up our responsibility to participate in the expansion of consciousness, it will then be helpful for us to understand the characteristics of open and closed consciousness.

Expansion of consciousness can only occur in the condition of open consciousness. Expansion means more -- specifically in terms of love, compassion for fellow man, goodness, and openness. That would mean that more, in terms of more violence, more hate, more rage, more anger, more control or more restriction would NOT qualify as expansion. However, as mentioned in Part 1, the One Mind's intention is to experience itself, and that includes the full range of expression. It does not try to squelch expression. It does not make moral assessments or distinctions as to the goodness or badness of expression. While being love, it does not condemn hate. Remember, free will is essential. Universal Subconscious Mind (USM) experiences itself in whatever form that its parts express.

Now while all of that is true as far as it goes, the fact is that closed consciousness limits new experience; it is more about repetition and duplication of what is already known, i.e., conventional wisdom, tradition, absolutes, etc. And it does not look toward light and love (love here, meaning allowing). But USM is not about duplication; it is creative; it is about new and unique experience. And it is about love. Therefore, if we can again allow the idea of preference here, USM would be said to prefer its parts to be open in consciousness because that advances expansion.

Since the state of openness is the purview of individuals, expansion depends upon the willingness of individuals to be open. Open consciousness is recognized as more, in terms of more tolerance, more freedom, more variety, more diversity - of thought, of ideas, of expression -- more creativity, more abundance, more compassion, more allowing, more light (as in enlightenment). All of this expansion activity can only occur in a state of willing openness. That is why the idea of free will is so important. This is as true for the group as it is for the individual.

In discussing the spectrum of consciousness in Part 2, we referred to consciousness in terms of "higher" and "lower"; well, openness would be associated with higher. Positions that are progressively higher are closer to realization of Unity and Oneness. In this ultimate state of realization, there is no conflict because in oneness, there is nothing to oppose. That is why higher consciousness is also associated with Ultimate Love. The journey of the soul is toward this unity consciousness.

Open consciousness entails the ability to hear and receive ideas that one may not agree with, without the need to attack the ideas or the person expressing them. One who is awakened and open would express ideas without anger and without the need to be agreed with. So, two awakened people with differing ideas or opinions could express their opinions without anger and receive each other's ideas for consideration also without anger. Neither is possessed by the need to be right, nor the need to convert or convince the other. Each, in fact might be keenly interested in hearing and considering the other ideas, for one awakened to the light of consciousness appreciates variety of ideas and expression - again more, more, more is what makes for expansion.

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