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(Important note regarding the mind set from which this series
is written and from how it is intended to be read)


Part 1

Nature and Purpose of That Referred To As God


It is said that consciousness is the "ground of being". This means that everything begins and ends with consciousness, the end all and be all is consciousness. For the metaphysician, that referred to as God is not the personified being of the religions, not a being with attitude that can only be satisfied and happy if its creations behave in prescribed ways. No, for non-religious spiritual persons such as me and many who are reading this, that referred to as god is consciousness, as expressed in various ways -- Universal Subconscious Mind (USM), Universal Consciousness, Infinite Mind, One Mind, All That Is (ATI), and simply The Universe, as well as others.

Trying to talk about Infinite Mind from our position as humans, with the limitations of human thinking and words is, to say the least, inadequate. In fact, it can sound rather silly. Alas, that is all we have. So for the purpose of facilitating discussion in this series, I propose that we allow such words as intention, interest or desire as applied to USM -- but in a very limited sense. Specifically, the sense should be that USM's intention, interest or desire never has anything to do with "other" -- only to "itself". What I mean will become more clear as you read on.

God, as the phrase Infinite Mind suggests is infinity. Infinity means singularity, one thing, undivided, without limits. Universal Subconscious Mind has one primary intention, if we can allow that word - and that is to experience itself. But the only possible way experience can occur is by the existence of "other". In other words, one can only experience oneself in contrast and comparison to something else. So One Mind -- Infinite Mind - Universal Subconscious Mind experiences itself by becoming, or, taking on, (an almost infinite) variety of other forms.

God, as Infinite Mind, loves all that it is. It does not demand anything of its parts anymore than you would demand that your arm conform to certain rules of behavior. It is preposterous to even consider that Universal Subconscious Mind could have such petty whims or concerns. In fact, God, as Universal Subconscious Mind is interested in ever greater variety of experience. And the very best way for expanded self-experience to occur is for all of the parts to be conscious and to have free will to express as they choose. That is no petty whim. Thus, this God (USM), unlike the God of religion, would never set restrictions, or rules of behavior, or hand down commandments, or in any way disallow. Least of all, would this God be enraged by its parts. God is consciousness - not petty emotions.

It could be said that the purpose of the Universe, in the service of USM experiencing itself, is expansion of consciousness. And all of the parts or units that Infinite Mind has become are participants in the expansion of consciousness. Since the One Mind loves all that it is, if it could be said to have a preference (and here again we face the inadequacy of verbal expression, for the idea of preference is not really applicable to USM), it might be said that it prefers all of its parts to be love as well. But as free will is essential for variety of expression and experience, the parts cannot be restricted from the option to be unloving.

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