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What Is Consciousness Sharing?

For many beginning seekers (simply those who have recently made a decision to engage in a journey of self-discovery), the desire to begin doing what they love is strong. At the same time, because of prior negative conditioning, they may have feelings of unworthiness. They may feel that there is no possibility of their ever being able to attain their dreams. Having never experienced encouragement from others, always being told about the limitations of life rather than the infinite possibilities, they are unsure of themselves. This is the story for most on earth. While this may be true however, that does not mean that life is cruel. It's simply a fact of life that to a large degree, we come to know ourselves through the process of discovering how we can best contribute. Part of how we do that is by reminding and assuring each other of our true magnificence.

There is a simple but powerful thing we can all do. Let me provide some background. At some point, I began to realize that I knew of a lot of unhappy people who seemed to me to not have any obvious obstacles to happiness. In other words, they seemed to have careers and steady incomes, nice homes, families and friends, health and stability. I would ask myself, so what's the problem? Granted, I didn't know all of these people intimately enough to have personal discussions with them about their unhappiness. I knew what my own problems were (if not the solutions) but I couldn't see anything that would prevent these other people from being happy. At times when I did have opportunities to have discussions that would provide me with some insight into their unhappiness, it seemed to me that they were making mountains out of molehills. It seemed they were catastrophizing. Then, "boingo", it occurred to me that they quite likely looked upon me the same way. That realization was rather awakening and quickly led to an insight that struck like a lightening bolt. It's the old saw that WE CAN'T SEE THE FOREST FOR ALL THE BLOODY TREES.

We all have these problems that are problems specifically because we have blocks in those areas. We have difficulty seeing where our own screwy little fears, attachments and faulty thinking patterns are getting in the way of our happiness. We think of these as each other's neurotic patterns. I can see yours but not my own; you can see mine but not your own.  Now as small as other's blocks may seem to us, to the person who has them, they can create major havoc, pain and misery in their lives. We chose the circumstances, before entering this episode of physicality, that would provide us the best illusion of limitation with which to work. Some of us are fabulous creators and did a bang-up job of drawing up the "foolproof" plan. In fact, we do it so well that we sometimes spend huge parts of our lives trying to figure out who we are. It's sort of like coming up with a great puzzle or a charade to stump the guests at the party--only in this case, you (your higher non-physical self) is planning to stump you, your next incarnate self. You are doing this because it's part of the plan. This seeming struggle to once again know who we really are, is the best way to accomplish our evolution in consciousness.

Now an important part of this scheme is for us to develop compassion and become engaged in loving relationships with one another. We can best do that by assisting each other in discovering who we are. So when we find ourselves asking about someone else's confusion, "What is the problem here; I don't see it?", it means that we are in a powerful place to help. Why? Well, because our not being able to see where there is a problem means that we have a sense of ease in that particular area. We don't have that particular block, so we don't have problems in that area. And that, in turn means that we can assist the person with the problem to see through her illusion.

Because each of us is totally unique, we all have the ability to assist others in this way. Let me interject a very important note here. When I say "we" can all assist each other, that presupposes that the "we" are all conscious seekers of truth. In other words, we don't run around sticking our noses into people's lives who will not be receptive. Not everyone can be helped--not because they are beyond it but rather because they're not open to receiving it. There is the old saw in the teachings of metaphysics that when the student is ready, the master will appear. For someone whose awareness is still limited to current undesirable conditions, who is convinced of his unworthiness, material assistance will do little long term good and encouragement and mentoring will not be easily accepted. As miserable as she may be in her problems, she will be resistant to understanding her errors in thinking. She will not be allowing enough to "get it". Remember, we can't fix each other. That is contrary to the principle of free will.

All we can do is be sources of understanding to those who are seeking answers. And for any of us who desire answers, we must ask. Only when we ask, does the universe answer. And so we are all in the position of being both students and teachers to each other. This is the way it was meant to be. When you are in need of an answer, the universe will often provide it through a fellow teacher. All you need do is watch for the answer (the teacher) to appear. When the universe wants to use you as a teacher to someone else, you will feel the call. The nice thing about being a conscious seeker is that you carry an energy that attracts other conscious seekers. Fellow conscious seekers will not be shy in asking for clarity and also will not be offended by those who offer it.

Practically speaking, we can provide material assistance to help a struggling seeker; and in some cases, that's fine. But what's really needed is encouragement, upliftment. Become the angel (vehicle) through which the universe can work. We each have our strengths, meaning areas in which we have a real sense of ease and confidence. In those areas we never struggle. We don't have fears and so we aren't attracting lack and limitation in those areas. In some cases, we have gained mastery by having faced our fears and let go of the associated attachments. That places us in a wonderful position to teach others who are experiencing difficulty in that area. This is the basis for all support groups. It is past alcoholics who are in a position to assist others struggling with that problem. The person who has overcome a physical disability, is a good candidate to help and encourage others who are dealing with similar disabilities. Presumptively, those attending such support groups are seeking help in those areas.

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