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It is said that a major shift in the consciousness of the planet will occur when a critical mass of higher consciousness is achieved. The idea is that the overall consciousness of the planet is raised individual by individual as their consciousness is raised.

While this idea has been around for a very long time, there is more frequent reference to it these days, at least amongst aware individuals. At the same time, there is some disappointment and despair that there does not seem to be many signs of a rising consciousness. In fact, as there seems to be more conflict and turmoil in the world, it appears to some that consciousness may be lowering rather than rising. Whether or not that is the case, we certainly seem to be witnessing strong resistance to the upward movement of consciousness.

This series of articles makes the very direct point that all of the world's conflicts, turmoil, and problems of greed, starvation and impoverishment are the effect of "closed consciousness", and that the only real solution is the opening of consciousness.

The condition of closed consciousness that has been the dominating influence over the world essentially from the time man has inhabited earth, is the cause of conflict and turmoil now, just as it has been since ancient times. The widespread human suffering it causes far exceeds the weight of compassion that exists. In ancient times, the world was witness to the most gruesome slaughter of fellow man with all manner of marauding barbarians and conquerors. Today, we still have these conflicts, only now the killing technology is far more efficient and far-reaching.

The idea of an overall rise in consciousness being achieved individual by individual has merit. But to really understand this more deeply, one must first understand the higher purpose of the Universe. In terms of metaphysical spirituality, the word Universe has an alternative meaning similar to that referred to as God. All of this is explained in this series, but to state if briefly, that purpose is expansion of consciousness. So, going the next step, the relevance of individuals is that we, as humans and thereby the most sentient beings in this physical format, are the means by which expansion of consciousness occurs.

In light of that, it can be said that our higher purpose is to be eager, cooperating, contributing participants in the expansion of consciousness. The only way for the overall consciousness to rise is for man to begin assuming his role in expanding consciousness. And this purpose unequivocally, requires open consciousness.

The stumbling block to a more consistent rise in the consciousness of the planet is twofold: A) lack of awareness on the part of most people of even minimal understanding of the concept of consciousness, and B) man's ego and its fixation in fear, a condition that actually leads man to resist open consciousness. The lack of awareness of what consciousness even means, point (A), is in great part due to the dominating, overshadowing power of the closed paradigms of religion, political ideology and conventional wisdom.

Man is so stuck in these closed paradigms that most of us are not even aware that we are resisting our higher purpose. Absent the awareness of our purpose to be eager participants in the expansion of consciousness, we embrace, promote, admire and value all manner of closed consciousness. I am specifically referring to things like embrace of traditions, conventional wisdom, uniformity of thought, modesty in dress and expression, religious dogma, political ideology, core values, family values, nationalism, patriotism, unquestioning adoration of leaders and authority figures past and present, purity, apple pie, etc.

What I have just stated may at first sound shocking, like I am advocating no values whatever. But as you hear the next part, you will see it is not quite like that. You see, all of the values things I just mentioned are man-created, and as such, they are the product of closed consciousness. In that sense, the approach to achieving the values is inconsistent with the purpose of the Universe. These values are not really achieved this way. That is why they are so much talked about, yet so little heeded. And the reality is that to the extent they are heeded, it is due to whatever opening of consciousness does exist more than it is to their promotion.

So here it is! With open consciousness comes a higher form of values that will naturally incorporate (or take care of) all of the most essential values that are trying to be achieved with the man-created values nonsense. The values of open consciousness, being a more direct expression of Infinite Mind, promote generosity, compassion, love. They are not divisive. If we are to be honest, clearly this cannot be said of man-created values.

The truth be told, a world of closed consciousness really is not all that much fun or desirable compared to the peace, ease and cheerful cooperation that occurs with open consciousness. So the question then is, "why are we so resisting open consciousness and so preferring closed consciousness?" The more people who begin "being open", the sooner the planet's turmoil will diminish. With open consciousness, the consciousness of the planet will rise. It is, in fact the only way!! Individually that means that each of us has a duty to begin opening our consciousness.

To facilitate the reader's understanding of the significance of consciousness, this series explains the concepts of:

- the spectrum of consciousness,
- positions within the spectrum (or points of consciousness),
- openness / closedness as related to consciousness, and,
- the characteristics of closed and open consciousness

Here, permit me to insert an important note regarding the mind set from which this series is written and from how it is intended to be read. A stance of open consciousness ignores the ego need of certainty or to be agreed with. Therefore, while, in service of the efficiency of communication via the written word, one makes statements that may seem to claim "the way it is", all are actually intended to be read as expressions of perspective prefaced with something like, "the way I see it". Regardless of how high a percentage of people would see any statement as obviously true, none are intended as claims of absolute reality. Thus if the reader is to be in concert with the intention of open consciousness, he/she should not presume any intention of certainty on the part of this author, or for that matter, in regard to any statement made in any open consciousness dialogue.

The series begins with this posting on or about the first of April, 2007. The succeeding parts will be posted as I am able to complete them over the near period. Please check back now and then for the next part, and/or, if you would like to be notified of new postings, drop a line requesting such and you will be included on the list of others who are being notified. Just click the send email link on the left side of the page.

It is hoped that this series will stimulate further insights and bring the reader to a dawning where he or she will consider moving away from the old paradigms and begin living the Way of Open Consciousness. Feel free to forward comments as you are inspired.

With that, please find Part 1, here

Copyright © 2007, William Gunderson
All Rights Reserved

No part of this article may be reproduced for distribution without the express permission and consent of the author. To obtain permission, contact the author via email.


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