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Renewal Momentum Message

Note Regarding This Article

The ideas contained within this article assume that the reader is already familiar with the general concepts of what is often referred to as conscious creation, the idea of coming to self-empowerment by learning how to create the conditions and experiences in your life that you prefer through deliberate use of Mind.


RRecently, I went to speak to a group of wonderfully open, loving and interesting fellow travelers. One of the members wrote me a couple of days later to ask a question regarding the subject of a one-on-one conversation we were having in the car after the meeting. It had to do with the frustration that she often felt, as most of us do (or at times have), when we seem not to be able to bring our desires into manifestation.

In my reply to her, I offered some thoughts and then suggested an assignment. After I sent the reply off to her, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to offer it to others as well. It seemed a fitting proposal to launch us into the New Year.

First let me bring you up to speed on the subject of the conversation. It has to do with learning to bring into our experience the manifestation of our ardent desires through the process of aligning our thoughts with the infinite power of the universe (or ultimate source). When we are beginning to learn about and accept this powerful principle, we seem to experience a period of frustration because we aren't yet very adept at operating in this new way. What I mean by a new way is that we are learning to create more with our mind and less with hands on effort. Of course that doesn't mean that we won't be taking action. It's just that the actions we will take will be guided more from our inner wisdom and less from the wisdom of the world (conventional wisdom).

As we discover, the fact that we become frustrated places us in an even more perplexing and difficult situation because it can easily lead to the "viscious cycle" syndrome. In other words, the energy of frustration and the anger that accompanies it, is contrary to the energy that will allow manifestation to occur. This only results in greater frustration...and on it goes.

This new way of operating requires that we make some dramatic changes in how we maneuver. One of the most significant changes is that we must change from the mode of, "seeing, then believing" as we have been trained to do, to the mode of operation of the spirit, which is "believing before seeing". This is the way that is consistent with Ultimate Truth. We always get what we think. The problem is that we aren't conscious of what we are thinking. For example, we may think of a new car that we would like, but if you really examine the thoughts, they are something like, "There is no way I can afford a car like that. I don't deserve a car like that. How could I ever get a car like that?" Etc.

So what we must do is somewhat like a pilot learning to fly with instruments only. In training, she goes under a hood where all outside visual reference is blocked and all she can see is the instrument panel. She must learn to put total trust in the instruments. This takes some doing because the hands on way of behaving is so ingrained. We are so used to operating by using our bodies and our five senses in such specific and limited ways that it seems very clumsy and cumberson to switch over to using the power of our minds to operate. Yet, this is what we must do. You must begin to trust in the absolute intent of the universe to bring to you everything you desire. That requires that you know you are worthy and deserving of the best.

That is the background that provides the context for my reply to the person who was in this state of frustration. Here is what I offered to her. It includes an assignment to break out of this cycle.

I know exactly what you were saying when you said that you were so frustrated that sometimes you wanted to say it's all a bunch of BS that doesn't work and at those times you hate the universe. Ah yes, I have been there--as most of us have. By "us", I mean seekers. Those who aren't seekers are also experiencing that very same frustration but they just accept it as, "that's the way life is". They aren't yet aware of the fact that they can be in control of their experiences. For us, we are learning that we are creating our experiences; but since we have been doing it with the earth bound methods for so long, we are having difficulty adjusting to the ways of spirit. This is all part of the trip of coming into this physical format.

So the first thing to keep upper most in your mind is that no matter how enraged we get, we cannot change the fact that the way the universe works is that our thoughts create our experience. The principle is immutable. Besides when you were operating in ignorance of this fact (before you began seeking) you may not have been doing any better anyway. Although, I will admit that when we are younger and so excited about life, we really are focusing quite better on what we want and often believe that things pretty much turn out the way we hope. Although we may have been in ignorance of conscious creation, still, we were working in accordance with the way the universe works--and that's all that counts. As we grow older however, often we begin to lose a lot of that sort of confidence and life seems to become more difficult as we have to take on more responsibilities and deal with jobs and bosses and bills and marriage relationships and parenting, etc.

My point is, though, that you probably began seeking, as most of us did, because it began to seem that you were less and less able to get life to be the way you wanted it to be. We knew we weren't really living happy, fulfilled lives. So now we began to learn about these new (to us) ideas (or ultimate truths). Well, guess what; there's no turning back now. Truth is truth. But really this is a reason to rejoice and we will get to that.

Meanwhile, just know that to get angry and try to return to the old ways will not work. You have no idea how much I relate to this anger about not being able to manifest. I can sympathize with the idea that it seems so cruel. So what to do now to get over this bugaboo?

First, understand this. You get angry because you can't seem to call into that radio station and win that new car contest, though you really, really desire it. We experience this disappointment when we don't win the car which says to us that the principle doesn't work. But what it says to the universe is, Elizabeth believes that winning the car is the thing that will make her happy. She is attaching her happiness to that item. She does not believe that the universe has her happiness as it's foremost intent. Let's help Liz by providing her with more signs that she can come to know this truth. We want Liz to attach to the truth that the universe is willingly eager to provide, and that her joy should be in that. At this time, Elizabeth is not knowing that the universe has so much more available for her than this insignificant little item. It is the universe's intent that she should know this so that she can allow to flow to her, her desires to live in joy every moment.

Remember how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It's another facet of the idea that it just seems so cruel, that is until you understand what's going on. You see, it's all in this idea of what we believe about how things go for us. When things haven't been such that riches have been pouring to us, then we get into that flow that they won't and so they don't. When we have them flowing to us, then it is easier to stay in that flow. What we want to do is just stop for a moment and re-orient.


For the next three weeks, forget all about any particular items that you desire and focus instead upon this one idea: Everything is perfect, all is well and only good flows to me. Now this is the most important part--even when things occur that would seem to be a reason for frustration, don't go there. Instead, just say it is all part of all being well and the universe knows what it's about, though it may not be apparent to me. No matter how much I want to judge it as "crappy", the universe has great wisdom and so it is perfect. I will just go with the universe's intents on this. Then, don't be afraid to ask the Holy Spirit what it's about.

You will, during this three weeks, be breaking attachment and as you do so, you will more and more be allowing the universe to flow to you what you desire. Also, you will be developing the habit of being happy now, which is exactly what the universe wants you to do. The universe is always bringing to you the message that all of the sages and masters have been telling us. Detach from judging what comes into your experience and instead observe, and ask what it means if you don't understand why it has come. As you finally come to the point where detachment is your habit, you will attain greater peace of mind and a sense of ease. You will be living with greater joy. (Breaking attachment does not mean giving up desire.) Then miraculously, you begin to discover that from this position of detachment, you are better able to bring into manifestation that which you desire. You see, attachment and desperation become like chasing one end of a magnet with the repelling end of another.

Consider this. The person who is getting richer by hardly doing anything other than enjoying life has no resistance energy going on--at least in that area of her life. She is just being happy in the moment and the universe is just flowing to her more of that. Now here is your bugaboo. You think that it is easy for her because it's easy to be happy when your circumstances are abundant. You say, who couldn't be happy under those circumstances? But here's the deal. It's not the circumstances; it's the judgment of them, or, in other words, your "reaction" to them. All you have to do is begin right now judging your circumstances and everything that happens as "cool" and perfect no matter what. No matter what happens, begin attaching (or reacting), "That's cool!" to events. Soon this will change the energy flow where you will begin to be more and more like that fortunate little lady over there you are observing, who is living ever more abundantly by the moment. What it comes down to is that old thing that you must make a decision to be happy first and "act as if". It is the only way...because it's just the way the universe works. And this three week assignment is the best way to break out of the cycle of frustration and into that mode.

Imagine starting right now and having some good momentum going as we move into the new year-and then just having a great new perspective for this exciting new year. Let's do it: Three weeks where all is well. By the end of that time, the momentum will carry us. By the way, if you find yourself falling off the horse (it will be no surprise if you do--that's cool), don't worry about it. Remember, be easy on yourself, LOVE YOURSELF under all circumstances. Just forget about any clumsy stumbles. Stumbles happen whenever we try to learn new skills. There is no accumulation of failure. Just get back up and keep on going, undeterred. Remember, when you catch yourself like this, this is a very good sign of increasing awareness.

Have a Great Holiday and exciting New Year.

Copyright ©, 2007, William Gunderson
All Rights Reserved
No part of this article may be reproduced for distribution without the express permission and consent of the author. To obtain permission, contact the author via email.


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