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Express The Truth Of Your Being Now


In order to really create our lives according to our desires, we need to finally give up the belief that we are our limited personalities and finally just accept the truth that we are magnificent, deserving, powerful individualizations of Divine Mind. We have already discussed the fact that we were trained to believe that we are this personality with the name we were given by our families. We also know that we were trained to accept a multitude of limiting beliefs regarding our person-hood. That's a given. And now we also are becoming aware that our personality is an illusion--not the truth of who we really are.

But still we "seem" to be stuck in our personality, creating from it's limited repertoire rather than from the boundless potential of our unlimited selves. The only reason for this is that we simply don't make the choice to begin living as the full-fledged expressions of God that we are. It's all been said over and over countless times in countless ways. Still, we have difficulty accepting the truth of our Divinity; we act as though we consider the possibility of our infinite unlimited selves to be Truth is just too awesome to be. In our reticence to accept it, we make too big a deal out of this Truth, as though it were impossibly unnatural.

Think about this though. We see people all around us believing in their power to create, living lives of success and fun and joy that we can hardly imagine. They might be our corporate leaders, film producers and stars, musicians, artists, architects, etc. We give them celebrity status. But here's the thing to understand--if any expression of All That Is can manifest in seemingly unlimited ways, as those celebrities do, then any other expression of God (like you) can as well. One expression of Divine Mind is no more limited or favored by the universe than another. Being magnificently powerful creators, from the perspective of the universe, is no big deal; it's just the normal state of the universe, simply how it is.

Our seeming problem all comes back to our seeing ourselves as separate from our source, separate from Divinity. Of course this mistake is understandable and common to all incarnate beings. After all, we look around and see our fellow expressions of Divine Mind all in different bodies. We observe most of them doing struggle and also bringing into their lives many conditions and circumstances that aren't all that desirable. We hear them talking a lot about limitations and obstacles and how difficult life can be. This is the content of mass conscious thought that we are all brought up in and trained to believe is reality. So it is easy for us to succumb and accept those beliefs unquestioningly. Buying into the belief in the limitations and obstacles as just the way life is, then brings manifestation of those beliefs into our lives. We experience our beliefs in the form of the events, conditions and circumstances of our lives.

Here's where we often get caught up. We see many of these "others" around us behaving and expressing in ways that we don't like. We then think, "They aren't like me. How could I possibly be considered to be like them? They're different than I am." The mistake we make is forgetting that, in truth, we are all One at the higher level of reality from whence we've come. But at the same time, as unique individualized expressions of All That Is, we each have the choice and the freedom to express in any way we prefer. Just because other individualizations of God are expressing in ways we don't prefer doesn't mean that they aren't of the same Source. The simple fact is that they are operating under similar illusions that you are now beginning to become aware of in your own life. It's helps to realize that we are not all awakening to Truth and becoming aware at the same time. There are always going to be those around you who are still reacting in unconsciousness. It is our challenge, but an important part of our spiritual practice, to begin to allow and cease going into reaction over what is occurring around us.

Now here's the powerful truth you may not have realized. In the very same way that you are not in truth separate from those who are expressing in limitation and struggle, you also are not separate from those who are expressing in glorious joy, success and abundance. The only difference between the two experiences is the focus of your attention, something which you have control over. You can choose to believe in joy success and abundance or you can choose thoughts to focus on limitation and struggle. The universe makes no judgments. It simply delivers to you experiences consistent with your focus and beliefs.

So we come back to the beginning. Why not just wake up every day and affirm to yourself the Truth that you are God expressing. You are not inadequate, less worthy, less divine or less favored than any other expression of Divine Mind. You are the most magnificent expression that could ever be. No one could possibly be better than you. No one could possibly do what you came here to do. As an individual expression of All That Is, there is no one like you. Be confident in your eternal magnificence. Walk about knowing that there is no one better than you, superior to you or more blessed than you.

But you must also remember that God is love and you, as an expression of God, are love. You must express love and the universe then returns love in the form of manifestation of your desires. Love is allowing. Accordingly, we must love and allow those who are not yet awakening, to express as they choose. Just focus upon your own being and forget about judging and criticizing those who are still entranced in the drama of their ego.

So there it is. As an eternal being, from the higher perspective, you are no less, no better, no different from any other. Difference is only a feature of the physical plane. But that's perfect because the whole purpose of the physical realm is variety. It is the way in which Universal Subconscious Mind experiences itself -- in an infinite variety of form. At the level of spirit however, there is only One -- All That Is.

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