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If I Were God, I would...


Our metaphysical teachings always bring us back to the truth that we are inseparable from everything that God is; that we are simply physical manifestations of God. However, so often we ask, "If I am God, how come I don't feel like God?" Toward answering that question, maybe we should ask, "How would we expect to feel in order to feel like God"?

Often you will hear people jokingly say, "If I were king (or emperor or president) of the world, I would mandate such and such (the such and such referring to whatever the person is frustrated about at the moment)--i.e., I would rule that no other cars could travel on this road, at this time when I am trying to get to work". The point being that the person is declaring that he would have the power to control the events of his / her life. Usually this means the power to control other people and outer events. Our idea of what it would feel like to be God then, is somewhat similar to this, and, therein lies the answer to our question.

Our ego (or personality or separated) self always works at the level of wanting to control other and outer. It simply knows of no other way; it thinks control of outer is the only way. But as we come to understand our true nature, we begin to live and operate from our higher perspective. And it is from this perspective that we feel that we truly are all of what God is. As we steadily increase our awareness of our own Divinity, we begin to trust in the absolute benevolence of the universe.

You see, the reason we do not feel like we are God has to do with all of the dense heavy weight we bear in thinking that we are responsible for controlling the world in order to bring about that which we desire. And let's face it, much of what we desire has to do with eliminating, preventing, running from and pushing away that which we don't desire -- that which we fear. In other words, can you see how it is that our focus of attention most of the time is not really upon what we desire as much as it is upon what we fear? And since God is never about fear, how can we possibly feel like our True God Selves when we are operating from that level of our small separated selves. The perspective from that position is, after all one of limitation; it is where fear (or more accurately, the illusion of fear) exists. Albert Einstein was stating this very thing when he said something to the effect that we can't solve problems from the same level at which the problem is created.

We can only feel like the essence of that which we are when we begin to trust in the universe to bring to us that which we actually desire, and, simultaneously, release our attachments to that which we desire not. When we truly trust, we give up the burdens of feeling responsible for solving all of our problems. We know that we can release them to Infinite Spirit. We also should know that our Higher Self operates from a larger perspective, able to arrange events and circumstances beyond the knowing and perceptions of our limited physical senses. You see, when we run around in distress trying to "do" by arranging and controlling things and manipulating others, we are showing that we don't trust in God (which we are). We are not then allowing the universe to deliver to us in perfect order. Rather, we are expending our energy in trying to prevent all of the possibilities that we imagine might screw things up. Meanwhile, we are also trying to master all of the minutiae of the conventional wisdom of the world.

Unfortunately, when we operate like this, we are in a no win situation -- for the two following reasons. First, we inadvertently bring into our lives that which we try to prevent. Why? Because what we resist, persists. We always get in our experience what we focus upon, and there is no greater form of focus of attention than resistance. Mostly we resist what we fear. Fear represents an attachment. What attachment means is that we are under the illusion that we need for our comfort and survival that which we are attached to. We so fear that we will lose what we think we need (be it a relationship, a home, car, job or health), that we begin to imagine and give attention to the things that might happen that would take them away from us. Then we try to prevent those imagined fears from occurring.

The second reason why operating solely by conventional wisdom is a no-winner, is that conventional wisdom is all about what has been done. Please understand that we are here to create according to who we are--not according to what has been done. Our true creativity blossoms from within. That means that we must listen to our inner selves, the source of all true wisdom. Conventional wisdom is usually about telling you of all the obstacles you will face and all of the ways that things should be done, all of the things to watch out for.

Let me ask you. Surely you have heard the phrase "beginners luck"? Have you ever thought about what that really is? Consider someone going into a venture ignorant of the conventional wisdom (of all of the limitations) and operating from inner guidance and going with what feels good, what feels right. When that person succeeds, those devoted to the conventional wisdom are aghast. The person who succeeded, upon discovering the conventional wisdom (after the fact) may also be surprised, but happy that she did it her own way, because had she known of all the obstacles that were the givens of conventional wisdom, she never would have taken the venture on to begin with. What is referred to as beginners luck, really was freedom from the limiting ideas of conventional wisdom.

So now that we are coming into greater awareness, let's not beat up on ourselves because we have attachments and intense fears related to them. Nor should we feel ashamed that we don't trust in or can't hear our Inner Guidance. Just know that we are here in order to learn to trust the universe. This requires that we make the decision to choose Inner Wisdom over the conventional wisdom of the world and that we recognize that our attachments are the source of our pain, struggle and frustration. Further, we should begin to see these as symptoms to get our attention, not as reasons for despair.

Now, we shouldn't think that the universe doesn't want us to have a great house, car, work we love and fulfilling relationships. God wants us to have anything we desire. The universe just wants us to understand that attachment (thinking that they are necessary for our happiness or survival) is an illusion of our limited selves. It wants us to know that when we trust, we need never cling to anything for the universe is always providing. So the issue is, will we relax and open ourselves up to receive. If we are willing to let go of that which we think we need, we can trust that the universe will always provide something better.

And so, go ahead and claim the Highest Truth -- I AM (the infinite and eternal master of the universe if you prefer). But do so with the understanding that that is true as well for each and every other individualization of Universal Consciousness. Bringing it down to our incarnate experience, it means you are the master of your universe. So don't try to use your power to outlaw other vehicles on your route to work. Simply release your attachment to the fear and belief that they can cause you discomfort. Realize that it is your choosing to be dis-comforted that causes them to be drawn into your path as "obstacles". Release them in love and your way will open.

[Revised 11-20-"11]

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