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Overcoming The Dilemma Of
Objectifying God


When we think of God, whether just the word or as a being or even as a concept, immediately it feels as though we are speaking or thinking of something that is other than us. That's largely due to our training. From the time we could understand discussions of the subject, God was always treated as something other than and superior to us. The archetype of God has always been a personification (with body and personality) though floating in lofty heavens rather than being earthbound like us. If we are to utilize the Infinite Powers that God is and which we are, the first thing we must do is correct this error in our perception about Infinite Mind as being something separate from and different than we are.

It's been said over and over that words are insufficient to describe what God is. While it may be true that the essence of God cannot be gotten to merely with words, we should at least refrain from objectifying God, i.e., perceiving that called God as separate from us. We can begin by utilizing phrases such as "All That Is". That places us face to face with the inescapable Truth that God includes, and in fact, means us. Unfortunately for too many of us, we were taught that any thought of that truth was sinful and so it provokes feelings of guilt (as intended by those who taught us such nonsense by the way). If there is one thing God is never about, it is provoking guilt.

Once you begin to open to the idea that you are part of "All That Is", which is no different from God, you might consider asking yourself why you are not treating yourself, loving yourself, giving to yourself, allowing the best for yourself as God does. The answer, of course, is that you have not yet become use to the idea that you are one with and part of All That Is. So, as they say, get used to it! You really only become use to it by doing it, just as you only become use to driving a car or swinging a tennis racket by doing it. And what is it that we are doing? What we are doing, is being. We need to become use to "being" God. By being Truth, we cease being limited. By Being All That Is, we cease being unloving.

God is love. All That Is can do nothing other than love all that it is, unconditionally; that means you and every other expression of itself. So get out there and enjoy "being" what you truly are.

Quite soon, you will begin to lose this feeling that God is something beyond what you are. You will begin to feel and know that God is in everything that exists, in you, through you, all around you. We are here to rediscover our Divine magnificence. When this happens, you can then begin to use the word God again, but now with a more keen awareness of the loving presence that God is. You won't feel so small and insignificant; you won't feel so inferior. You won't feel that you have to be coming to Infinite Mind in a meek and submissive manner. Know that you can ask confidently and assertively, for the loving presence is not ego or personality that can be or will be offended.

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