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Significance of Gratitude

Expansion of consciousness is the purpose of the Universe. There is only One, One Mind, Universal Subconscious Mind, which is Infinite in all ways. That means that we are part of that One Mind (or God, if you will). Our role as incarnate beings in this physical format is as channels through which Infinite Mind experiences itself. Its purpose is always to seek greater expression of good through us. So all of the Infinite Power and Intelligence of the Source / Infinite Mind / One Mind / God / is flowing through us as channels. And this power is all love and goodness. Since each of us is unique, we each offer unique opportunities for God to experience itself in new ways. We offer the target of that unique expression through our unique array of desires. Our desires are God's desire. Whatever our fondest dreams may be are what God desires to experience through us. So when we disallow ourselves from experiencing our dreams, we are not doing our part; we are not allowing One Mind/God that experience. Of course this is nothing to feel guilty about. Because, after all, we are here to learn how to be more open, allowing channels. If we were already whole and open and allowing, we wouldn't need to be here in this Earth School to learn how to become so. And in addition, the One Mind is ever patient and ever loving. Meanwhile, if we aren't feeling fulfilled and experiencing our dreams, it will help to understand this. It is something Infinite Wisdom showed me once when I was in a dark state feeling profound separation and asking for answers. As always, Infinite Intelligence responds.

I was trying to get a deeper understanding of why expressing gratitude for the most mundane things (as we are taught to do in these teachings) is such an important spiritual Principle and practice. In my thinking, since we, as New Thought seekers, don't personify God as religions do, I didn't really get WHO we were to be thankful to in the first place. And being that we were instructed to be thankful for all of these small, mundane things, I was puzzled; after all I thought, why shouldn't these just be considered a natural part of life. Let's face it; the less one has in life, the more one can feel there is little to express gratitude for. The answer that came to me was as follows.

We are channels / outlets for the power of love and goodness of USM (Universal Subconscious Mind). But if we are not demonstrating an abundance of joy and good in our lives it's because, as channels, we are constricted and blocked up by resistance (fear). But even with the blockage, we are still always allowing some good. In these places, we can see the power of love, good and abundance pushing to express through us and "seeping out" in areas where we are less resistant. This shows how strong the persistent power of good is and how it's actually difficult to stop the good in its affinity to express (though we manage to do it pretty well, don't we?). We can really see that we ARE one with the source of All Good. What this insight so clearly showed me was that it's not a supply issue; it's a blockage issue. When we seem to have so little, we should see it not as the Universe withholding, but us resisting the flow of love and abundance. You can see evidence of the supply seeping out even in the form of the peanut butter sandwich you are eating; you have that because you have allowed it, even if you are not allowing much of anything else. So too you can also see evidence of the Universe providing for you in the computer you're using, the bed you're sleeping in, the warmth of your bedroom, the love of your mate, etc.

The point I hope you are seeing is that whether we have a lot in our life or very little, it has nothing to do with the lack of goodness and love of The One Source. That part is a given - an Absolute. What it has to do with is our level of resistance and contraction that constricts the channel. What is the constriction about? Well, as awakened souls, we realize it is fear, self-loathing, resentment, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, etc, etc. Ok, you probably know that. What we want to do is repair it, open the blockage and experience healing. So this gets me back to the part about gratitude.

First, realize that what is true of God, is true of you. Remember? You are an infinite, eternal being, inseparably unified with your Source. So begin with gratitude for that. Now begin to visualize yourself as this channel for love, light and good. Realizing that powerful pressure of that force of good within you, as the channel you are, see that despite your resistance, good is seeping out in all of these places - in the form of your mobility, the working of your five senses, your clear mind, a roof over your head, etc. Of course, not all of us are experiencing this seepage of good in the same places. But we can all find places where the power of good is seeping through. You can be thrilled to experience this power showing up in that cup of coffee you're enjoying, or that peanut butter sandwich, or the warmth of your room in contrast to the winter chill outdoors, the clear blue sky, the love of your pet, the happy music of the Holiday Season (if it's that time of year, as it is as I write this).

But here is another very important thing to understand about expression of gratitude. What we appreciate expands in our lives. This is spiritual law. Also remember that everything is energy. We are energy. And the Universe operates according to Principle or Law. Now when we are feeling low and depressed and frightened as we look at our conditions of scarcity, we are in a low energy state. In other words our vibrational rate as beings of energy is slooooow. By definition, we would not feel depressed if we were in a state of high energy. So how can we get there? It's quite simple actually. Utilizing the Principles by which the Universe works. And gratitude is the powerful Principle that we can use here.

Forget about the fact that we don't feel like expressing gratitude (that's just characteristic of the low energy state anyway), or that we don't recognize much to be thankful for. That's not the point right now; it's really irrelevant; it's over-thinking it. For now, just look at this expressing of gratitude as a switch that revs up energy. Now let's add another important Principle that is very much tied into this -- that of giving to life. It's a Spiritual Principle that we cannot receive without giving. I know; I know; in your state of scarcity, you may not feel you have anything to give. But giving to life means that you can give a smile, risk giving gestures of love to those you encounter. Gratitude is giving. So give thanks for sight, mobility, whatever you can see as the abundance of the Universe. Doing this turns on the switch that up-spirals your energy. This is really the only way out. But it is a very powerful way out, because the universe begins to respond with a flow of abundance. It is Law.

So be gracious and thankful for all of the small evidences of the power of love, good and abundance. And above all, love yourself as the magnificent spiritual being that you are, having taken physical form on this earthly plane to do your part in the expansion of consciousness. And know that you make your contribution to the expansion of consciousness by expressing in ways that give you joy - or as some say it, by following your bliss. You may not feel love for yourself if you see yourself only as your ego centered self who has erred and failed and been unloving in so many ways. We all have that part of ourselves; but that is our false self. It is not our True Self. Realize that you have always been where you've needed to be at any time. You have always done the best you could at any time. We are on a journey to awareness and if you had been able to express more wholeness then, you would have. So FORGIVE YOURSELF. Accept and love all of what you are, including the ego centered self with all of the foibles. We must love ourselves fully and unconditionally first; then we can change our focus to our True Self. In doing that, the ego begins to dissipate. Be willing to let go of the ego; let go of your life story of woe that holds you in a condition of continuing to live it over and over; let go of all the guilt. In letting go of the ego image you have of yourself, you will stop seeing yourself as someone who deserves to be beat up. Love yourself and then you will give up all self-abuse. Begin to identify with your True Self, the uniquely creative, talented, loving, compassionate being that you truly are.

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