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The Journey To Awareness / A Brief Orientation
This article serves as an orientation for those who are unsure what a journey to awareness means. It is an especially good article for beginning seekers. It describes three stages that end in transformation.


Perspectives Of God

This series of articles was originally prepared for and did run on the internet journal at the Conscious Creation website, over the course of several months in 2001. The series is an adaptation of some of the ideas that the author, William Gunderson, has been working on for a book (still a work in progress). Since the publication of the first installment of the series, it has received much acclaim and has been used as source material for discussion groups and seminars.

Part 1 -- How The Universe Works
Part 2 -- Nature Of The Universal Subconscious
Part 3 -- The Psychological Components and Mechanisms of Separation
Part 4 -- The Muck Of Mass Conscious Thinking
Part 5 -- Portrait Of Fearful Thinking Patterns
Part 6 -- Moving Toward Renewal
Part 7 -- Conclusion


The Way of Open Consciousness

This series of articles makes the case that all of the turmoil and problems of the world are the effect of "closed consciousness", and that the only real solution is the opening of consciousness. The purpose of the Universe is expansion of consciousness, and, to state it simply, expansion requires open consciousness. The stumbling block to a more consistent rise in the consciousness of the planet is man's ego and its fixation in fear, a condition that actually leads man to resist open consciousness. Man is so stuck in closed paradigms -- religion and conventional wisdom -- that most of us are not even aware that we are resisting our purpose -- to be eager participants in the expansion of consciousness. Absent that awareness of our higher purpose, we embrace, promote, admire and value all manner of closed consciousness. It is hoped that this series will bring the reader to a dawning where he or she will begin living the Way of Open Consciousness.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


About Consciousness Sharing
This page describes a very important facet of our purpose here, to assist each other in recognizing our individual Divine Magnificence.

Consciousness Sharing / Concept and Background
This Page explains the concept and background of Consciousness Groups

Consciousness Sharing / The Groups
CS Groups are the answer to finally invoking our awesome powers of creation. This article expands upon the original Consciousness Sharing article. It is a more comprehensive explanation of the foundation upon which CS groups are based. The paper then goes on to describe how the groups are designed and the
prerequisites for participation.

Work, Career, Business
Discover the higher purpose of work and career and how to turn this facet of life into joy. Learn about the importance of understanding your unique purpose and how engaging in that purpose leads to the greatest fulfillment we can attain. 

9/11 -- World Trade Center -- A Spiritual Perspective
How does one reconcile the horror of 9-11? It seems nearly impossible to make any sense of such events. This article presents a Spiritual / metaphysical perspective of such horrifying incidents that many have found very helpful.

All About The Role Of Feelings
Many are confused about their feelings. Sometimes it is said we should own our feelings; others think we should ignore our feelings if they are negative. This article presents a unique perspective about feelings as a sensing mechanism of energy -- our internal energy as well as that from the outside.

Insight Into The Significance of Gratitude
This article reveals a potent insight into why gratitude, beyond simply being an important Spiritual practice, is a very effective tool for reconnecting with One Source and opening the channel for the natural flow of good into your experience.

Transformation, Transcendence And The Impermanence
Of Form In Our Lives
A very important and comprehensive article for those who want to learn how to break out of the seeming bounds of current undesirable experience and transform into one who moves more freely within the range of all possible experiences.This physical format is all about form. The current experience of the circumstances and conditions of our lives are simply the form we have cast from our thoughts and focus. BUT get this. This form need not be solidified. Any form is as available to us as any other form.

Quick Shots

These are shorter articles on a variety of subjects, but still generally centered around the theme of expanding awareness and gaining mastery and power over creating the circumstances one desires in life.

Correlation of Consciousness Level and Harmony Level Within Relationships
It is the nature of the Universe to seek harmony. This plays out in relationships even in the matching of two dysfunctional partners. There is a lot of labor required to maintain these relationships. However, when the match is between two conscious partners, there is peace and ease style harmnony. And there is little labor required to maintain the relationships becausethe partners intuitively consider each others needs.
Momentum Message and Assignment
This acclaimed assignment has made remarkable changes in the lives of many who have used it.
Overcoming The Dilemma Of Objectifying God
If I were God, I Would...
Express The Truth Of Your Being Now
Some Essentials For Happiness

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All Rights Reserved



User Comments

Comment by Yona on 2010-03-08 15:09:07
Thank you very much : )! I find your website to be a treasure chest of insights and information. Ha ha ha I also find myself wishing all your research could be transformed from web page to paper in the form of a guidebook for seekers : )!  
Best thoughts, Y : )!

Comment by Gretchen on 2010-01-14 18:17:20
Hay William -- great looking new site. Happy to know it is here. All my best. 
Love and Light, G

Comment by jaysskybound on 2014-08-25 09:02:51
I knew it. I have always had this feeling. 
Thank you for writing this. I needed to hear someone say it. (Or read it).  
I have said it out loud many times "its like everything i need just falls into my lap" 
I always found myself doubtful because I was raised to work hard not think well.  
No more worries.

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