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How do I say thank you to someone who freed my consciousness and gave me a path to stay on it??? You gave me the light to see my thinking and put me back on the path to my heart's desires. I also found out that I can enjoy the journey, which is something I was not doing. With all my heart, thank you...

One-thank you for your new web site!!! Two-thank you for continuing your great writings in conscious creation. I understand your words and they help me create and remain in the core of my being. I look forward to your upcoming articles and your first book…

As you know I have studied literally dozens of books on CC whereas most authors projected the journey to be a process of necessary steps (as outlined by them) and if "their" steps were not followed, there was no hope. I sometimes cannot help but wonder if some of these authors may be consciously or unconsciously attempting to generate dependency. I think that Stuart Wilde has a very valid point when he says "There is nothing more sickening than a spiritual teacher who exudes spiritual ego." You, dearest William, are a humble man of spirit. You set the record straight, set the truth forward. IT IS NOT A DIFFICULT PROCESS.

Your direct teachings have put me on the road of enlightenment and I am basically very happy and centered. I no longer have the fears I once had, and I am confident in my spiritual being. I am by no means saying "That's All Folks," however the journey for me is now a great deal of FUN!!!

The thing that gives me the most belief and knowing that your book is needed is my own journey and the journey of others in my circle of friends. I can say with all truth your words have made an impact on each one of us in the Unicorn Gathering. Each one of us has shifted so much into much more confident beings, knowing we are spiritual beings. Yes, William, you had that much impact!!!

Today, I went into your web site and I read the Consciousness Sharing. I cannot express how much that taught me about teaching, being a student and my role as a "fairly" consistent being of light.

Your love and concern always gives me your constant light, and shows me the love of Universal Mind, individualized through you. I know you will teach many "minds" the Truth of who we are and all the Love of the Universe. I am honored and blessed to be a part of your life.

Your personality, my dear William is your greatest teaching vehicle, you have taken all of you, and turned it into this beautiful teaching vehicle, bringing forth the ageless wisdom into modern form, teaching this truth from your personality vehicle. (In perfection I might add)

Victoria, Chicago

...I've since read literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of authors from serious philosophers and religious teachers to get rich hucksters and new age weirdos (both, the good and the bad kind). I've also attended various seminars (often at great cost both financially and personally)…

...Out of this ten-year search, for me personally, your articles have made the most sense and, for lack of a better way to say it, feel the best to me.

I just wanted to say thanks & let me know if you have any other resources available like books, tapes, seminars, counseling, etc.
Yours truly,
John E

Dear Mr. Gunderson,
So wonderful to discover your web site! I particularly enjoyed reading the statement of "Welcome" -- I found it to be both Universal and comprehensive in it's scope. It is rare to find such words of wisdom -- especially on the Internet!

Hi, William:
I found your site when I did a google search on the keywords 'elie wiesel
Your essay "The Muck of Mass Conscious Thinking" was at the top of the search results, and I didn't really need to go any further.

I've bookmarked your site, and plan to come back often as time permits (and really as I make time to come back, which I will).

I guess like most other people, I'm trying to 'make some sense of it all,'and your thoughts, along with Wiesel's, are among the best expressions of how I may yet do so.

Like you, I consider myself a generalist (maybe even too much of one - jack of all trades, master of none), and am beginning to realize the nature of my own search and journey for discovery…
Best wishes, and thanks.

I found your site through a link on conscious creation and read your stuff. Wow. It really hits home with me. I've read Seth material. I've read much into creating our lives and metaphysics…
I'm glad I found your info. I read it often to remind myself to not look to the outside for the answers, although the outside sure does fool you a lot.
KH, Ohio

William ~
Your words not only "resonated" with me, but touched me as well. I cannot thank you enough for the personal perspective -- it was much needed.

Breaking free of the Ego and its limitations seems to be the heart of my issues. I suppose that is life, though. Digging deep to understand the true self, the untainted soul, and then realizing the layers of environmental influences which have brought us out of touch with that truer part of ourselves.

I felt great after reading your letter, and am carrying a copy with me as a reminder. AS the new semester starts, I'm anxious to create the atmosphere not only beneficial to my students, but to me as well!

Again - thanks so much, William. Your words were a very bright blessing to me!
Love and Peace,

Responses from a class participant to an exercise prescribed to assist with surrender and detachment:

…I told them of all the wonderful manifestations that have come my way due to the momentum provided by the exercise. One is I just received round trip tickets to Las Vegas with two nights hotel accommodations, completely free of charge, How I have only worked 6 days since Dec. 20th and have more money than usual, How I received a check in the mail the very day I needed it to pay something else. And a host of others. Including validation of my "fierce attractiveness" from a guy at gas station. (Ha!!) And this is only day 15. Amazing how very well this works. But not amazing, just the physics of the Universe, and now I am "getting it." Thanks for the exercise William :)

I am having so much fun!!!! I could just burst from all the joy and energy I am currently feeling! can't wait to tell all the wonderful coincidences ect that just keep happening! Every one at work keeps saying "what is up with you, Can't you wipe that smile off your face?" The only thing that keeps me from defying gravity is the fear of "crashing" from this high? even that thought is being dealt with. Fear of being too happy. This too, is perfect.

Thank you William, It was the right message at the right time, in the right place to bring just the shift I needed. Don't know how I will ever repay you!!! (I know I don't "owe" just showing gratitude is in my nature.)
JV, Indiana


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