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Testimonial Comments


Following are some of the many kind comments and expressions of appreciation from readers and group attendees that have been received over the past couple of years.  I might note that all are unsolicited.  In some cases, you will find more than one letter from the same reader expressing their progress and growing awareness over time.  Needless to say all letters are most appreciated.  Indeed, they demonstrate the wonderful generosity and graciousness of our fellow travelers.

Know that I always love hearing from you.
Endless thanks to all.


Hi William:
I was first introduced to "consciousness" in the "***" books -- but I didn't "get it." The book kept telling me to think my "highest thought" at every minute. Well, this didn't compute for me because it seemed to be calling for a judgment on my part of myself and how could "I" tell if I was getting MY "highest thought" -- I had been mired in "muck" all my life -- what was I supposed to THINK. I didn't have a road map and there seemed to be a scale out there that I was supposed to measure up to. God was still "out there" talking to me and it was up to me to find the right channel. I was befuddled.
Then with your help, William, I began just observing -- doing the "bird on the wire" idea -- with no judgment -- just observe, allow and discern -- notice -- chill out. I stopped trying to figure things out. No good or bad -- just knowing that everyone including me was getting just what they needed.

And now I can also observe and embrace my OWN feelings associated with any event with this same sense of "allowing." No need to run, deny or change the subject for I know that through the very act of observing while feeling the feelings, the toxicity or fear that I might connect with any event or person, will dissipate. Along with all of this comes this great sense of surrender and being in the flow of ATI (All That Is).
On that happy note I will close with
Love, Gretchen:)), Connecticut

Hi William:
Hope this finds you percolating along in bliss as you have been in my thoughts for the past two weeks.
I guess what I am feeling is immense gratitude for the spiritual awareness that has come to me and the role that you have played as a teacher. Thank you!
When I came on your site in Aug. of 2001 my pain and confusion were overwhelming and I began to read anything and everything that you wrote or recommended. It was like the curtains were parting and the lights in the auditorium were coming on. I was not alone -- in fact I was IT.
Today, I opened my file folder that contains your writings, e-mails, etc., and reread your Perspectives on God -- Part 5-B: The Principles Applied --
There it is in a nutshell -- everything we need to know -- after we know that WE ARE GOD. I looked at all my underlining and notes in the margins. It told the story of my happiness with finally understanding the truths of what you were writing -- "the ultimate GOOD NEWS." And the fact that I "got it."
But today, I am struck by the clarity and directness of the message. Thank you again for leading me to it. I am sure that life situations will keep honing my skills, but what a joyous journey it is now that I have a "tool box" of truths and the skills to use them.
It is ironic that I was writing you an e-mail on 9-11 last year when my attention was drawn to the horror of the TV screen. Those events seem to have amplified the effects of love and fear in our world and the cycle that perpetuates them -- one way or the other. I am happy to have a deeper understanding of these events.
Personally, my manifestations for happiness and a fulfilling life continue…
I could never have cooked this up in my own little "noodle" -- manifestation in all its magnificence with "all possibilities."
Just thought I would touch base to let you know about my journey -- and thank you for your wisdom.
Love and Light, Gretchen:))

I am touching base with a feeling of gratitude today -- for awareness -- and to you for all your coaching to get me to this place.
The feeling just washed over me as I was waiting at a red light this AM and looking at the blue sky. More and more my consciousness level for the now is taking over and observation of my internals and externals is kind of on conscious autopilot. I can't remember the last time that I felt driven by the external -- wow, what a switch -- I remember describing that negative focus as feeling like a pinball in pinball machine. Even as folks are anxious around me, I chill out and get my "bird on the wire" going -- no more "grasping heart" for me. It is so grand to know that it is ALL working out in perfect order (mine and everybody's plan) -- and the real fun is, that in my wildest imagination, I couldn't have dreamed up the wonderful things that have been coming down my pike. It is sooooo cool.
Thanks. I think of you often and hope all is well with you.
Love and Light, Gretchen:))

Thank you William for your great articles on your website. You truly have a gift for making the sometimes hazy realm of metaphyics simple and very powerful. I especially liked your insight into not delaying happiness to some future time or outside source but to be happy now. My biggest block was I was looking for a "fix", a solution for happiness and success not realizing that by constantly looking I am sending the message to my subconscious mind that I am in lack of something. This problem is probably very wide spread and is the reason most people don't find happiness from reading and reading self help books. Simple is powerful and you have a message that needs to be spread around the world.
Again, thankyou William.
Sincerely, Steve B

Mr. Gunderson,
You don't know me, but thank you and God and everything. I read your site the other day and continue to read it, and it's the best news I've ever had in my entire life. It basically solidifies in one concise chunk everything I've ever suspected or thought about How the Universe Worked, but could never get gelled (sp) in my mind. I've had similar thoughts, some clear, some nebulous for many years along the lines of which you write.
And then miracle of miracles, I found your site after going to Google search engine and typing in 'How the Universe Works' and there you were. I needed to find somebody who thought like I did to give me guidance, because I surely needed it. And although I've had many conversations in life with other people about this, let's just say this about that, your site is the first time in my life I've met someone who talked like I thought and could give me guidance. And I gobbled it up like I had been starving for ages and someone finally put down luscious, nourishing food in front of me, all I could eat. Your site has been such a revelation and confirmation to me, tears are welling up in my eyes right now just thinking about it…

My 40th birthday is coming up and all I can say is...this is the best birthday present I ever got in my life. I'm already putting into practice what you talk about and its been the 2 solid best days of my life. (And I was never really a depressive person before, only recently.) I've been so happy and now I know I can have control over it. I know I will stumble, but 'that's cool'.
So thank you.

William--Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how very, very good your material is. I have a marketing/advertising background, with lots of editorial experience. Your piece on the WTC was excellent, but I really like your series that appeared in the Conscious Creation website.
Your observations are very uplifting and accurate, in my opinion.
Best regards.

Dear William:
I read your articles on Conscious Creation. When will your book be out and where will it be available? Please let me know. I would be very interested in reading the rest of it.
Lanore D

I would like to thank you for coming to our meeting on Saturday night. I really enjoyed hearing your words. As, I think, every one there did. My friend Kathy sitting next to me, said later, that she could feel her face start tingling. She was feeling the hairs stand up on her face. I think it must have been the electricity (energy) in the room that night. What a wonderous thing to have a collection of minds and thoughts get together. And thanks again for sharing with us.
Nancy, Indiana

Comments from a reader on various articles...

...Great article in the CC Journal. It will be good to read the rest. I felt like you were writing from my heart not yours. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight.

...Your article is outstanding - I could feel how much I resonated with it line after line after line. Sometimes your writing feels as though I have created exactly what I need to see through you .

...When I saw the Left/Right table, I realized again how very far I've come along my path. There was a time where I was virtually every single item on the right side. I thought I was on the right path, yet I was always so sad at the same time. It is such a clear indicator that "Yes! Yes! Yes!" the very heart of what we believe can change. I feel so truly blessed.

...Just finished your article. It has great insight and encouragement - and is exactly consistent and falls within the framework of what I asked ATI (All That Is) to provide this week. Synchronicity...how was I to know you'd have your article finished this week anyway?

...Thanks for all of your efforts on consciousness sharing. My experience of knowing you has been one of my greater creations .

...What good news - a web site! At first look, I love it. You're a great writer and convey conscious creation in a way that is so easy to understand.

EG, Penn State University

Have you written a book on this subject? If not, I encourage you to do so. You treat the most important subject we humans should be concerned about with great clarity and thoughtfulness.
George B
Helena, Montana

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