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How one's concept of the Infinite Intelligence and Power of the universe (that referred to as God) relates to experiences in life


Nature of That Referred To As God


Portrait Of Fearful Thinking Patterns


Much distorted thinking is actually a blend of various defense mechanisms. Space does not permit a description of all of them.  The one often referred to as "polarized thinking" covers the most ground, and in fact, is really the foundation for so many other patterns of distorted thinking.  Much of what's described here are actually the expressions of the distorted thinking patterns.

Polarized thinking is also understood as "either / or", "black & white", "all or nothing" type thinking.  It limits ambiguity through simplification.  It attempts to deny the complex nature of the world.  By contrast, from the perspective of expanded consciousness, complexity is natural because we are all creating according to our own individuality.  Infinite variety naturally leads to complexity.  Attempting to deny complexity is an exercise in self-delusion.

One can illustrate, graphically, the ways in which different people might look at things.  For example, the most simplistic form could be represented by the straight line continuum.  At one end is black; the other white, or, one end, all, the other nothing, or, left / right, 0 / 100. Limited consciousness sees only the extremes, the either / ors, never the in-betweens.  Those more receptive to ambiguity do recognize the other positions, the gradations.  By adding a vertical axis, we create a graph that considers the interrelationship of other variables.  To consider even greater complexity, one can add another dimension, creating a cube, a three-dimensional graph so to speak.  This is a much closer representation of the complexity of the universe (though the theoretical physicists talk of eleven or more dimensions), the reality of life and it's issues.  On any issue, many variables co-exist.

So polarized thinking ignores nuance and, in essence, denies the dynamic nature of the world. It attempts to freeze time and restrict ideas.  But the universe is such that new thoughts are continually forming into new expressions.  Evolution is ongoing.  Circumstances are constantly changing. The variables are in constant flux, weaving and intertwining.  The universe is fluid-not static.

Absolutism is a futile attempt to freeze form by limiting fresh ideas.  It is rigid thinking which crystallizes thought upon effect (what is already created).  It always seeks certainty and fears ambiguity.  But new discoveries repeatedly upset such attempts to freeze reality.  An example would be Galileo's discovery that the earth was not the center of the universe contrary to the claims of the Roman Church in the Middle Ages.  As a result of his claims, Galileo became subject to the Inquisition, a political contrivance to crystallize thought and not upset convictions of certainty.

Non-absolutists recognizing the ongoing evolution in consciousness and observing the folly of certainty, might shrug their shoulders and assent to those who wish to engage in self-delusion; but they also realize that these inclinations are usually accompanied by efforts to impose the limitations upon others.  


Need for authority and leadership:

This thinking style inclines one to look to others for affirmation and guidance.  It impels the individual to assume the views and the positions of the l eader and the majority opinion within the group.  The individual is largely motivated to seek acceptance by the group.  He feels a sense of pride in being good just as a child does who has been praised for obeying.  Often you will observe an idolization of the leaders, especially evident among political partisans.  For the followers, he is more than a leader; he is someone who speaks for them, who reassures them and brings them a sense of pride--all affirmations of self that come from the outer.

"Alpha ambles off, touching, patting, hugging, occasionally kissing those he encounters. Many reach out their arms and beg for contact, however brief. Almost all--from highest rank to lowest-are visibly buoyed by this king's touch.

Anxiety is relieved...he must render services to the community, both practical and symbolic. He adopts an impressive demeanor even something approaching pomp, in part because his subordinates demand it of him. They crave reassurance. They are natural followers. They have an irresistible need to be led."

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